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I don't know who/what/where/why I am.
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Consider, for example, that relativity theory seems to tell us that time doesn’t flow, that all of space-time is laid out in a frozen all-at-once-ness, with the distinctions among past, present, and future “an illusion,” in the words of Einstein, “albeit a persistent one.” How can such a view of time be reconciled with perhaps the most conspicuous aspect of our manifest image, implicated in almost every emotion we have—our regret and nostalgia for the past, our hopes and terrors for the future? One can’t revamp our notion of physical time without disturbing our conception of the very things we are. By Is Philosophy Obsolete? - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education (via wildcat2030)


favorite animated movies » The Secret of Kells (2009)
I have lived through many ages. I have seen suffering in the darkness. Yet, I have seen beauty thrive in the most fragile of places. I have seen the book. The book that turned darkness into light.

One of my most favorite films. 

People had recommended this movie to me before, but I hadn’t watched it. But then I saw this gifset. I immediately found it on netflix.

It’s wonderful, guys. If you haven’t seen it, go do that now.

The list of reasons I should move to Cambodia keeps growing, while the list of reasons I shouldn’t only includes two items: the heat and the bugs.

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A thousand years is but an instant. There’s nothing new, nothing different. The same pattern over and over. The same clouds, the same music, the same insight I felt an hour or an eternity ago. There’s nothing here for me now, nothing at all. Now I remember. This happened to me before. This is why I left. You have begun to find your answers. Although it will seem difficult, the rewards will be great. Exercise your human mind as fully as possible, knowing it is only an exercise. Build beautiful artifacts, solve problems, explore the secrets of the physical universe, savor the input from all the senses, feel the joy and sorrow, the laughter, the empathy, compassion and tote the emotional memory in your travel bag. I remember where I came from and how I became a human, why I hung around, and now my final departure is scheduled. This way out. Escaping velocity. Not just eternity, but infinity. By (via nerdinja)





if you ever think you’re awkward when asking someone out, remember that there’s this guy





do you wannafucking date me or something you faggot

If I’m not asked out like this at some point, I will be very dissappointed. 

Do you want to do something where you get unlimited access to the D and stuff?

i feel like i just read a future conversation of me trying to ask some one out.